“Paid to Click” is an online business model that draws huge amounts of online traffic from people aiming to earn from home. “Paid to click” or simply PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers. The advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the consumer when he views the advertisement. But there is also not honest sites online! I show to you only tested and honest sites here.

Remember that all PTC sites are not legit and real. In the world of Internet, there are many scam PTC sites that do not pay to their members. They just gain clicks from their members and after making enough money they close their websites. But there are many PTC sites that are established for many years and they pay to their members regularly and must have a good reputation. Let us know a little about PTC sites.

A PTC (Paid to click) is a website that pays to his registered members for clicking the ads they provide and and view for some time (5-30 seconds) on a daily basis.

What are Referrals?

You can also generate revenue for the clicks of your referrals. Referrals are the people you invited (called direct referrals) and signed up under your referral link or people already authorized on the website which the website leases (give you on rent) to you for 30 days or more for a sum of cash you will pay (called rented referrals). Every website has its own policy regarding referrals, so you should check that on their terms of the specific segments.


There are two types of Referrals

a. Rented Referrals

b. Direct Referrals


Rented Referrals

Rented referrals are those referrals which you rent from that website. You have to pay some rent on monthly basis for each rented referrals (Not more than $0.005-0.006/referral).

Direct Referrals

Direct referrals are those referrals which you recruited by advertising your referral link or banners (Your referral link and banners are provided by the website on which you work). These referrals are your personal referrals for life time. You don’t need to pay anything to the website for direct referrals. You can advertise your referral link on social media websites. Free classified ad websites, Traffic exchange websites, paid advertising or making your own personal website or blog through which you can advertise your referral link.


Boost your earning by upgrading account (Optional)


All PTC sites offer “Premium” memberships. These memberships give you access to increase the click rate and lowers the payout (money is quicker in your pockets), premium membership also increase the click rate of your referral. They also increase the limit of referrals you can own. You will always be the champion in the LONG TERM if you purchase the premium membership.



When to upgrade?

That is very important question. Upgrade requires some money. You have to pay $20-$40 for one year up-gradation plan. Different PTC websites have different rates. Upgrade only when you can earn more during the upgrade period than you have to pay for the upgrade and when you have at least 20 active referrals. Calculation is necessary before you plan to upgrade.


Now it is time to tell you that how to register and work on PTC website

a. First, you need to register yourself on the PTC website

b. After Registration Log in to your account you will see a new window that will show the detail of your account.

c. On the upper side you will see a category with the name of view ads or surf ads.

d. Click on the ad category, a new window will appear that will show different ads from different advertiser.

e. Now you need to click on one ad and popup new menu will be open that will show the advertiser website, you will need to wait and see that ad from 10-30 second (Note: Do not open all ads at once).

f. After you have done it, you cannot click them anymore. You must need to wait for 24 hours. Then you can simply just click your ad page again all ads which are available to click for you.

g. Open 1 PTC site at a time. When you visit all the available ads, then sign out and open 2nd PTC site and so on.

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