Advertisers are willing to pay top dollar to make internet users like yourself aware of their sites. They do this through all kinds of interactive medium and will pay you to participate! Join as many programs below as you'd like. Participation is completely FREE, so you have nothing to lose - only money to gain!

Most of these programs pay you to keep an advertising bar open on your screen. Some programs only pay when you are actively surfing the web using a web browser, while others will pay you for listening to internet radio. Some even pay you just to be online! This is the most popular category of getpaid programs.

There are two kinds of paid for email programs. The most common type is where advertisers pay you to read email advertisements. The second kind is where you are paid to send and receive your own personal email.

Many merchants pay websites a bounty for bringing users to their internet store and/or registering for a "special" offer. Many sites now entice you to click on ads, sign up for offers, and visit these merchants by promising to share a portion of the income with you.

Start Page
Some companies pay you to use a designated page on their site as your web browser's default homepage. Be sure to utilize PaidMania's FREE startpage rotator in conjunction with these programs in order to maximize your startpage revenue!

The increasing popularity of the internet and the ease by which information can be exchanged is giving consumers a louder voice which companies cannot ignore. Companies are now paying to get better demographic information about their customers, and some websites share advertising revenue in exchange for your honest reviews of products and services.

The internet just wouldn't be complete without lottos, games, and contests! All of the programs in this section are free. They are able to offer you real cash and prizes because the games are sponsored by advertisers.

Ad Viewing
Some companies are now paying you to view interactive/multimedia tv-like advertisements. Because watching a full-screen ad requires your full attention and you cannot do anything else when viewing one, the payout rate is much higher.

Rebate programs are technically not getpaid programs because you earn rebates from internet purchases you make through participating merchant sites. However, most programs still offer a MLM structure so you will earn a portion of your referrals' revenue. If you buy stuff online, make sure to do it through these free services to save money.

One-Time Referral
Programs in this category pay you a one-time bounty for getting others to sign up beneath you. This is becoming a popular way for new sites to quickly increase their publicity and user membership. The drawback of these programs is that you must sign up a sufficient number of people if you hope to ever receive a check.

Giving users shares of their (yet to go public) stock is one of the newer types of "getpaid" programs on the net. Many companies are offering you shares for registering on their site in order to increase membership and reach critical mass. Keep in mind that the shares they offer are worthless unless they actually succeed and an IPO results; the majority of sites will not make it that far.

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