Paid to promote (PTP) sites are websites that you can send internet traffic to and earn money. They give you a promotional link, which you can then promote in various ways. A common use of PTP sites is to monetize autosurf traffic. They can also be used to monetize other low value traffic like PTC or regular traffic exchange traffic.

   As an alternative, you could set up a blog and place CPM banners to send your traffic to. Many PTP sites offer CPM banners as well, so there is some overlap with the CPM sites list. In general, I think it’s a better strategy to make a blog/website and put a bunch of banners on it, then send your traffic there, as opposed to using a direct PTP link. That way you get a chance for your visitor to count on several different networks instead of just one. Here’s a guide on setting up a blog for this. But you can try the direct link option if you want.

PTP websites offer members it's affiliate link to promote on their behalf. Members are usually paid per 1000 unique visits (CPM) to that link. Payments can vary according to region, country or even domain level. Most PTP websites tend to pay according to country using a tiered structure from level 1 to 5 (where level 1 is the highest and level 5 the lowest). The PTP website usually have information regarding their tier structure and where you can promote their links.

   After joining a PTP site you may wonder where to promote the link. Traffic exchange (TE) websites are the cheapest means of promoting your PTP link. Be sure to check with the PTP or TE's rules to ensure that your PTP link is supported.

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