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South Park Mentions Bitcoin &

Eric Cartman, one of the four main characters on the American animated series South Park, may be best known for his affinity for profanity and expletives, but in the show's latest episode, he uses his knowledge of crypto advertising to motivate his client friends to give speeches. In the episode, the fictional character refers to an ad by crypto platform starring Oscar-winning superstar Matt Damon.

The company launched the ad last year as part of a $100 million global campaign showcasing big names in the platform's global recognition. “What is Matt Damon Saying in This Bitcoin Commercial? Fortune favors the brave!” Cartman yells at his friends. "My dad said he listened to Matt Damon and lost all his money," replies another character. "Yes, they all have! But they were brave to do it," says Cartman. Kris Marszalek, the co-founder and CEO of, responded to the episode on Twitter, stating that including his company in an episode of the hit series "unlocked" an achievement. The bitcoin episode aired February 2 in the United States for the animated sitcom's 25th season on Comedy Central. In recent years, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have made numerous appearances on Trey Parker and Matt Stone's show. Among other things, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) were responsible for bringing about the Carnage and Destruction 2021 special. Additionally, South Park: The Post Covid Animated Movie depicts a future where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have emerged as the dominant payment method.


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