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Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks offer cashback rewards on Dogecoin purchases

Dallas Mavs fans who spend more than $ 150 worth of Dogecoin in one transaction will receive a $ 25 e-gift card that they can use to make purchases from the team's online store. a money-back bonus program as an incentive for the payment of goods and tickets in Dogecoin (DOGE). The rewards program is called "Mavs Cryptomania," and customers who spend more than $ 150 in Dogecoin will receive a $ 25 e-gift card that they can use to make online purchases at the Dallas Mavs Store. The program is expected to end on September 30th. At the time of writing, users will need to pay 505 Doge to receive the e-gift card. The Mavs started accepting DOGE for payments in March and were also one of the first NBA franchises to accept Bitcoin (BTC) payments for tickets and merchandise in 2019, joke it is becoming "a digital currency" due to its increasing adoption.

The billionaire investor stated in May that Dogecoin had outperformed other crypto assets in terms of goods purchases, noting that "we sell more Mavs goods for DOGE on a typical day [...] than in a year with BTC. or ETH.Cuban has become a leader in crypto and blockchain technology in 2021, having supported various crypto and blockchain projects, such as the Ethereum Polygon based scaling solution, the NFT Alethea AI protocol and the NFT Genius market providers, to name just a few. Response to Donald Trump's latest FUD claiming that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a "catastrophe waiting to happen".

Related: Doges Meme hits a valuation of $ 220 million while Sotheby's Bored Apes auction is valued at $ 18 million, NBA senior analyst Bill Ingram said on Sept. 7. 2 that “I am not one of those who agree with the former president on almost everything, but I have long wondered if we really need another currency that has only a feigned value because a group of people decide to do so to do “we do. responded by urging Ingram not to consider crypto assets as “currencies” as it emphasized the underlying technology that drives the sector: “Think of them as decentralized, secure and connected platforms with capabilities that enable application development that enable a unique benefit for individuals and businesses.

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