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💰 Companies & Asset Managers Accumulate 1.2M Bitcoin Worth $57 Billion Dollars

While asset managers have amassed 4% of the Bitcoin supply, public and private companies have also amassed 1 channel. About 6% of the circulating Bitcoin supply has been accumulated by asset managers and corporations, suggesting a growing general and institutional adoption of crypto assets. To buy Bitcoin worldwide there is currently 816,379 BTC worth 40.1 billion, 654,600 BTC under management (worth 32 billion US dollars). CoinShares' XBT provider ranks second with 48,466 BTC ($ 2.4 billion), which is 0.23% of the supply. The remaining 12 issuers represent 113,313 BTC or 0.54% of the combined offering.The data provider also tracks 34 publicly traded companies that have BTC on their balance sheets, which together control 1% of Bitcoin supply.

As of early July, it holds $ 108,992 BTC valued at $ 5.3 billion; electric vehicle maker Tesla accounts for 20% of bitcoin held by private companies, and the company has 42,902 BTC valued at nearly $ 2.1 billion. Accumulated dollars Private companies have raised another 174,068 BTC, valued at $ 8.5 million. , which takes up 0.83% of the supply of Bitcoin. About 80% of the BTC hidden by private companies is held by Block.One, with the company currently holding 140,000 BTC worth $ 6.However, the estimates vary between data providers, with Bitcoin Treasuries counting 1.4 million BTC on the balance sheets of asset managers and corporations. Another 260,000 BTC is attributed to the balance sheets of national governments. Analysts estimate that the last bitcoin will be mined in 2140. allowing asset managers and corporations to control an even greater proportion of the supply.


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