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Cardano in Africa: About IOHK's Ethiopia Blockchain Deal


Last April, IOHK, the company behind the ADA cryptocurrency, reached an agreement with the Ethiopian government to continue with the world's largest use of blockchain. For the company that wants to contribute to the digital transformation of Africa, this partnership is an important step. In a context where cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are becoming increasingly popular, Cardano aims to drive the development of Africa. Transformation of the education sector in Ethiopia The partnership between Ethiopia and IOHK focuses on the development of a registration and identification system for results based on blockchain. It will enable digital verification of school grades and remote monitoring of schools, helping to promote education and employment across the country. Charles Hoskinson: . undefined "We will use our Cardano Atala PRISM-based identity solution, which allows authorities to keep tamper-proof records of the academic results of 3,500 schools and 5 million students and 750,000 Teachers, to pinpoint the locations and causes of poor academic performance and the efficient allocation of educational resources," explains the company on its website. Students receive digital grades that are verified by the Cardano blockchain to reduce fraudulent study and applications and increase social mobility by allowing employers to review all candidates' grades without reaching out to third-party agencies. On the Cardano side, we look pretty big. The project is billed as the largest blockchain deployment. For its part, Ethiopia has included its program in its roadmap to boost the economy by using digital technologies to transform various sectors, including agriculture and manufacturing, health, transport and tourism.


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