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Retail Arbitrage: Buy Low/Sell High

  1. Gamestop – Pick up cheap, but popular, games to resell on Craigslist or eBay

  2. Going out of business sales – big stuff can be flipped locally, small stuff can go to Amazon

  3. Clearance Racks – oh, how I love a clearance rack…

  4. Garage sales

  5. Thrift stores – go on the tag sale days for crazy deals

  6. Craigslist – if you have nothing to do all day but stalk the Free section you can pick up some good stuff

  7. Auctions

  8. Flea markets – a lot of wholesalers work the flea market scene, you may be able to buy in bulk

  9. Dropshipping

  10. Wholesale companies

  11. Discount Bookstores – there is a huge market for books

  12. Scanner Monkey – you are so not going to want to share this site with anyone else

  13. Grocery store – there is a whole subset of sellers focusing on this Amazon category

  14. Retired direct sales consultants – they may not be able to sell that inventory on auction sites, but you can

  15. Classified Ads

  16. Estate Sales

  17. Libraries – they often give books away for pennies on the dollar, or give them away free

  18. Outlet Malls

  19. Mass Retailers – Walmart, Target, etc. (shop those sales & clearance racks)

  20. Your closets – we all have new stuff lying around somewhere that we bought as a gift we didn’t give, received as a gift we didn’t want or forgot we bought and purchased another. Sell it! And sell your gently used but unwanted items, too.

  21. Buy on eBay to sell on Amazon and vice versa

  22. Liquidation stores – these can be a little dirty, gross and have expired items on the shelves, shop smart. You can’t sell expired merchandise.

  23. Toy stores – evergreen not fad is the way to go here, scope out the clearance racks

  24. Deal Blogs – subscribe to the big blogs that post in-store and online deals like Hip2Save. They recently shared a score at JCP’s winter clearance sale. Some of those buys may have made for a great flip.

  25. Rummage sales

  26. IKEA – As Cynthia tells us in her post above, people can buy IKEA online but the shipping time is like three weeks. People would much rather pay a premium to get their goodies with free two-day Prime shipping.

  27. Walgreens and CVS holiday clearance

  28. Costco and Sam’s Club

  29. Dollar Tree

  30. Black Friday sales!

  31. Tuesday Morning – every FBA seller I have consulted loves this place. It’s regional so that’s a big plus for those who have one in the area. A lot of us don’t and maybe we want some of their stuff. 😉

  32. Woot! – This is actually an Amazon store offering one crazy markdown per day. Who knew? They even have a garage sale section!

  33. BigLots

  34. Hit up the and SlickDeals forums. Keep in mind a lot of other sellers are probably in there, too. The offline bargains may be where the real deals are. (

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